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September 20, 2020      
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V Moscow International Conference
on Operations Research,
dedicated to the outstanding Russian scientists
Nikita N. Moiseev 90th birthday
Moscow, April 10-14, 2007

1) New models and methods Prof. V.V. Morozov
2) Optimization methods Prof. A.F. Izmailov
3) Multiple objective decision making Prof. A.V. Lotov
4) OR in economics Prof. I.G. Pospelov, Prof. A.A. Shananin
5) OR in military science Prof. V.Yu. Reshetov
6) OR in finance and insurance Prof. F.I. Ereshko, Prof. D.V. Denisov
7) OR in medicine, biology and ecology Prof. A.A. Belolipetckiy
8) Computer-aided design Corr. member of RAS Yu. A. Flerov (co-chair, CC of RAS)
9) Game-theoretic models Prof. E.Z. Mokhonko
Symposium A: Analysis of the markets and decision making in electric power industry Prof. A. A. Vasin (co-chair, MSU)
Symposium B: Models of political decision making. Prof. F.T. Aleskerov


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