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Russian and Foreign Delegates Converge at Triennal OR Moscow Conference

The 6th Moscow International Conference on Operation Research (ORM-2010) was held on 19-23 of October 2010 in Moscow. ORM is a triennal conference organized by Dorodnicyn Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Lomonosov Moscow State University and Russian Scientific Operation Research Society. The program covered main theoretical fields and various applications of operations research and included 12 sections: Analysis of political processes and corruption, Applications of stochastic processes, Computer-aided design, Game-theoretic models, Markets and auctions: analysis and design, Multi-criteria optimization, Network problems, OR in economics, OR on financial markets, OR in insurance, OR in medicine, biology and ecology, Optimization methods of OR. Presenting their papers at the conference were 275 Russian and 38 foreign researchers.


Plenary talks were primarily devoted to economic applications of OR. I. Pospelov proposed a model that explains why aggregate behavior of many similar agents looks more rational than individual behavior of a particular agent. Ya. Mirkin considered different scenarioes of the world economic development and the corresponding forecasts of financial dynamics. M. Vaschenko proposed a macroeconomic model for mid-term analysis of Russian economy. A. Vasin described a mechanism of corruption suppression that provides honest behavior of 100 000 taxpayers using only 10 honest auditors. V. Polterovich and O. Starkov discussed Russian realty market and the way out of the institutional trap blocking its development. A. Lotov tackled the application of multi-criteria optimization methods to water quality planning in Gogong Reservoir in Australia. F. Aleskerov discussed financial investments and explained why it is not worth to try to catch "black swans" for an ordinary investor. G.-W. Weber presented new mathematical tools for the financial sector and a new robust CMARS method, even as he invited participants to IFORS 2011 and EURO 2012, and to submit papers to the IFORS Prize for OR in Development 2011.


Yu. Evtushenko, M. Posypkin and I. Sigal presented a software for multi-processor computers; A. Strekalovskiy talked about modern methods of global optimization; Yu. Flerov described a new software for computer-aided design; and Yu. Pavlovskiy discussed mathematical tools and humanitarian aspects of military applications of OR. Detailed information about the proceedings are available at


The careful planning and preparation for the conference and the high quality of papers presented were attributed by those present to the traditionally excellent Russian university education, culture of scientific discourse, as well as the international nature of the conference. Future collaboration were explored among individual scientists, local and nationwide groups, and various OR organizations. A. Vasin was optimistic about the further integration of the Russian of the Russian OR community as he himself is already actively involved in conferences of GOR, EURO and IFORS.


Against the backdrop of the winter days in the impressive and booming Moscow, where old Russia and a Russia of the future have begun to blend in an exciting way, the scientific excellence of the conference was further enriched by the sincere interest to deepen friendships and fruitful collaboration among the participants.


Acknowledgement: G. Weber wishes to thank EURO for its support of his participation in ORM 2010.


Alexander Vasin

Operations Research Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and New Economic School, Moscow, Russia

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber,

Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU, Ankara, Turkey

IFORS News, March 2011, Volume 5, Number 1.











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